Founded in 1996, the Journal explores how we are classified, stratified, ignored, and singled out under the law because of our race, sex, gender, economic class, ability, sexual identity, and the multitude of labels applied to us. Identity is a matrix of experiences; when the law fails to recognize any one facet of our identity, both the law and the person lose invaluable dimension. Our challenge is to examine how we negotiate our identities, how the legal system negotiates them for us and how these negotiations affect our ability to attain justice.

A photo of the founding board members of JGRJ in black and white.
Sidney Holler and Maya Sanaba review journals in the JGRJ office.

# 5

in subject matter - gender, women and sexuality law

(According to W&L Law Journal Rankings)

Sidney Holler and Angela Pruitt discuss journals in the JGRJ office.

# 5

In Subject matter - Minority, Race, and Ethics

(According to W&L Law Journal Rankings)

Students gathered at a desk in the JGRJ Office.


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Alumni Spotlights

Meredith Rich-Chappell
Class of 2000

Meredith Rich-Chappell is an attorney at Lederer Weston Craig PLC in Cedar Rapids. Originally from Davenport, IA, Meredith received her Bachelor of Arts in History and her Bachelor of Science in Political Science. While at Iowa Law, she served as the Senior Technical Editor for The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice.

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