Note & Comment Editor 


I'm Parker Ballard and I'm one of two Note & Comment Editors for Volume 27 of JGRJ. I was primarily raised on the Iowa side of the Quad Cities, but I also did my time in Mount Pleasant (a small town about an hour south of Iowa City). I studied English at Arizona State University before I came to the College of Law. 

My passion for social justice and drive to compel change within inequitable systems that oppress minority communities led me to pursuing a legal career. Writing for the Journal during my 2L year was a natural extension of those values. Now, being an editor, I can work alongside the next generation of student writers to craft impactful Notes that have the power to push things forward. 

My goals after graduation are largely to situate myself in the best place to help those that would otherwise find law inaccessible. The only goal I have as a lawyer is to empower others and help them navigate a complex, exclusive space.