Drew crop

Senior Managing Editor

    My name is Andrew Thompson, and I am one of two Senior Managing Editors for Volume 27. I grew up in Iowa, went to Drake University in Des Moines for undergrad, and I now attend Iowa Law with all of the other editors.

    Studying legal sociology in undergrad helped shape my understanding of the prevalence of law in all areas of life. The interactions between law, politics, and society piqued my interest in law and directed me to law school.

    The Journal was a fantastic outlet for my interests and has been a great opportunity to explore exclusive, unique ideas of the law and meet others interested in similar areas of the law.

    I am excited to work with other editors and my counterpart, Senior Managing Editor, to ensure the articles the Journal publishes reflect the high degree of scholarship and voices the Journal seeks to amplify.

    After graduation, I plan on working in civil litigation, specifically addressing complex litigation issues.