Senior Online Editor


My name is Adara Opiola, and I am the Senior Online Editor for Vol. 27 of the Journal of Gender, Race & Justice. I grew up in the Quad Cities and moved to Iowa City in middle school. I attended the University of Northern Iowa, where I played five years of Division I Softball, majored in Political Science, and minored in Ethics, Politics & Law, Philosophy, and Gerontology. As a Hispanic student-athlete, I founded the Minority Student-Athlete Leadership Team, which focused on creating a safe space for diverse student-athletes and provided various trainings and lectures about injustices surrounding race, gender, and low economic status. 

I was thrilled to join the Journal of Gender, Race & Justice as a student writer in my 2L year. With a passion for pointing out injustices, it has been an incredible experience to support the publication of authors who use the law to challenge societal norms and argue for a more equitable world. I had a wonderful class of fellow student writers that I knew would make up a passionate and dedicated journal board and felt drawn to continue supporting JGRJ's mission in my final year of law school. 

After graduation, I hope to pursue a health law in the state of Iowa and will be starting as a medical malpractice litigator.