The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice is a Symposium based journal and seeks to promote discussion and communication regarding pressing legal topics.  The Journal holds a Symposium generally every other year.  

Volume 18 CLE with ACLU LGBT & HIV Project 

Volume 17 Symposium 

The Unmarried Life: Know Your Rights Poster


  • Women in the Revolution: Gender and Social Justice after the Arab Spring (Taking Place September 26, 2014)
  • The Unmarried Life: Know Your Rights (2014)
  • Modern Families:Changing Families, Challenging Laws (2013)
  • War On...The Fallout of Declaring War on Social Issues (2011)
  • As Iowa Goes, So Goes the Nation: Varnum v. Brien and Its Impact on Marriage Rights for Same-Sex Couples (2009)
  • No School Left Behind: Providing Equal Educational Opportunities (2007)
  • One Act, Ten Years, And Thousands of Families: Welfare Reform in Contemporary America (2006)
  • Crossing the Line? Examining Current U.S. Immigration & Border Policy (2005)​
  • Creating Life? Examining the Legal, Ethical & Medical Issues of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (2004)​
  • Justice for All? Exploring Gender, Race and Sexual Orientation Within Disability Law (2003)
  • American Presence Abroad: U.S. Foreign Policy and Its Implications for Gender, Race & Justice (2002)
  • The Law's Treatment of the Disadvantaged: The Politics of the American Drug War (2001)
  • The Changing Face of Need: Feminization of Poverty & The Law (2000)
  • A Critical Legal Perspective on Entertainment: Sports - Sex - Identity (1999)
  • Critical Race Feminism: Preparing Legal Thought for the 21st Century (1998)
  • Penalties, Prohibitions & Punishment: Who Can Get Justice in the United States? (1996)

Volume 18 Symposium​

Women in the Revolution Symposium Poster